Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Picture of beach and lighthouse keeper cottage near Sugarloaf lighthouse, Myall Lakes areaPosted by Picasa

Rain, rain everywhere

Sadly, the rain has set in and it is relentless. We are fortunate in having some people up along the coast to visit because sitting in a camper with the rain falling outside, dark, damp and cool is not very nice.

Bridge too has been a good fallback. We played two sessions at Forster and were also royally entertained by an old friend Don Scown whose wife Judy is visiting the US at present. He made us very welcome and if I could, I would nominate him as the SMH Home Cook hero. I learned a great new recipe from him which Canberra friends will taste in a year's time.

We had a lovely time in the Myall Lakes National Park. One particular campsite at Neranie stands out. The lake has a lovely sandy beach there and there are almost no mosquitoes which were a nusiance at other points along our trip. The National Park campsites have toilets and barbecues provided but no power. Our camera just happend to run out of battery just then and we could not recharge it due to the lack of 240v. But just prior to that we stopped at the Sugarloaf Lighthouse at Seal Rocks and took a photo of the lighthouse keepers cottage which has been refurbished and rented out as high quality holiday accommodation. The views are lovely with a nearby beach - accommodation is for 6 or 8 people, depending on which cottage - there are 2.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ohhhhh OK here is a photo from the Highland evening. It features Peter, Andrew's son and two companions playing guitar during the interval - the kilts came off later.

The first week

27 March 2009

We are currently on the way to Taree having spent a very relaxing few days at a nudist camp with Andrew's son and his wife who are members. While never being formal nudists, taking our clothes off has not presented either of us with any difficulties and we happily joined in the social night which featured a Highland band. No photos though :-).

Lake Macquarie and Myall Lake were the next stops. Nikki has relaxed into travelling mode by sleeping a great deal. She has also had a go at driving Max and Priscilla and is now feeling more confident.

Monday, March 16, 2009

This is a picture of our home on a trail/trial run over Christmas
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Max and Priscilla ready to go!

We have despatched the traditional home comforts to storage and are almost ready to leave. Thursday 19 March is the estimated date for departure from Canberra, heading north.