Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Bloggers - as in the Wanderer

This is a preview of our last house sit for the year. We have agreed to do one last hurray at the Central Coast over Christmas and as well as two dogs, one cat, we will also be looking after 8 guinea pigs! We visited the house on our way back to Canberra to meet the family and our charges. We have never looked after guinea pigs before so it will be a challenge. I can't remember the names of these two ladies.

We are so happy with our blog and the resultant book (a Blook according to Wikipedia) from it, that I wrote an article on the subject which was published in the November 2010 issue of The Wonderer, the magazine of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia. It is an excellent magazine with many interesting and informative articles.

A photo of the article. Thanks for those who commented.

Our around OZ adventure is now over and we are back home. However, we plan to do another trip to Central Australia from approximately March - June 2011. We certainly will be writing a blog again. We are not sure if we will continue with this blog or create another one which is likely to be titled Travels in Central Australia. If you are interested please keep a look out for it.

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Ormeau, Qld housesit

October 2010 was our last house sit before returning home after 20 months away. Here is Andrew relaxing at Peter and Lyn's house with Molly and Samson resting with him.

Cheeky Molly, whose paramount pleasure in life is to have one of her toys thrown around so she can fetch it. Two of thew said toys are at her feet while she looks at you beseechingly.

Nikki with Molly, Samson and visiting Sammi. Sammi's owner turned up a day before our house owners returned from holiday expecting Sammi to be looked after for a couple of days. Obviously a slight misunderstanding of dates but it was no problem. We can cope with three dogs as well as with two :-)
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Old Bar housit

We have been very slack at updating the blog lately so this is now a retrospective, for our records more than anything. The photo shows me feeding Max and Buddy at Old Bar where we house sat Nancy and Eric's house on 5 acres at end of September. It was a lovely relaxing sit.

The three chooks provided us with eggs. For some reason that nobody has been able to explain, the three hens always laid two eggs each day.
Feeding the hens. They were always delighted to see whoever was feeding them.

While there, I completed my second piece of art work, my tiled table to go beside the barbecue when I get home.
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