Thursday, September 16, 2010

Halliday's Point House sit

This is our current house sit at Halliday's Point. Andrew is enjoying the north facing verendah.

Our charges, Sac the Yorkie and Tammy the silky. These are two of the best fed and looked after dogs we have come across. Max and Eve lavish wonderful attention to their every needs.

Tammy after a bath. Not so keen on it but very well behaved.

This is Blackhead Reserve where the monthly Blackhead Bazaar (market) is held on the last Sunday of the month - but not during the winter months. It is a wonderful venue for a market, lush, green and shady and the goods on offer are all delicious, well made and relatively unusual - not the same old same old wares you see at many markets. It reminded me of the Bellingen market which is also once a month and similar. Being a market connoisseur , I rate this market pretty highly. I enjoyed it enormously. We won't be here by the next one but still in the area and I plan a return visit.
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Green Point sit continued

Charlie the coctatiel at Green Point.

Charlie likes his head scratched. He is a very responsive bird.

More head scratching
A last view of Lake Wallace.
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