Thursday, April 1, 2010

How we spend time in Forster

The twin towns of Forster-Toncurry are positioned on either side of the broad outlet of Wallis Lake. On a sunny day, the alluring sight of the lake’s emerald waters sparkling beneath the bridge that connects Forster with Toncurry tempt travellers crossing from one side to the other. The lazy picture of people swimming and boating on the waters below summarises the atmosphere around here. Photos of this are coming up at a later stage.

There was an article in the Traveller section of the SMH on March 27-28 extolling the virtues of the area for scenery and as an ideal holiday destination. Scurrilous detractors may label the charms of Forster-Toncurry as “God’s waiting room” due to the large number of retirees living here but domestic tourists continue to flock to the area.

The coast is blessed with fine sands and beaches of every kind, picturesque and safe swimming beaches, surfing beaches and beaches stretching far beyond what the eye can see. The beach in the photo above is of One Mile Beach.

The Forster town beach has a netted rock pool and ocean baths. Children friendly lagoons are protected by unusual rock formations and invite the traditional bucket and spade family holidays.

This is a shot of the cliffs and the sea kayak to the rightof the middle of the picture. Click on it to enlarge the photo and see the kayak more clearly.

Andrew resurrected his yellow inflatable kayak which we have named Yellow Ducky. Here is a photo of Andrew giving Yellow Ducky the kiss of life inflating it on his own - I have no lung capacity.

As you can see the other shot of a sea kayak off the coast above is a little different from our yellow friend.

This shot was taken at the Frothy Coffee shop at Smiths Lake after our rubber kayak excursion. There are gas barbecues around the lake inviting post-sporting activity lunches and fry ups.
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