Saturday, March 27, 2010

The trip continues........but we now housesit

Our first housesit of 2010 - a lovely airy house is Forster on the NSW coast. The house is an immaculate, comfortable home belonging to two sisters of bridge friends who used to live in Canberra many years ago. The bridge friends are currently doing a house swap in New Zealand and the ladies are visiting their brother and sister-in-law for two weeks.

Part of the garden. What you don't see is the wonderful rocket, tomatoes and tree tomatoes that are ripe for the picking.

The real reason we are here - Tino the golden Burmese. Tino is 15 years old and he spends his time sleeping, eating, more sleeping and some meowing at night looking for the other mistresses.

A photo of Andrew in his element -fixing things in need of repair. He has so far fixed a whistling toilet and a non-working sprinkler. Who knows what else he may find in the fortnight that we are here.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last glimpses of Tasmania

This is an alpaca in Sheffield accompanying a nice Dutchman having coffee and a chat in Sheffield.
Sheffield is another town of murals, the last one was in Bowen, Qld.
A photo taken by Andrew from Mt Roland near Sheffield, the last mountain he climbed on this around OZ trip.

And a shot of Mt Roland completes the trip.

We had a wonderful year travelling around the perimeter of Australia. Not enough time to go much inland on this trip. That will come on the next one.

Now we have six months of house sitting around the NSW and Sunshine Coast to come.
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