Wednesday, April 25, 2012

House sitting at Forster, NSW again in 2012

We arrived at the Barton's at Panorama Crescent in Forster just after Easter 2012. 

A view of the back of the property where the two miniature horses graze.  The gazebo is in the front paddock.

There are two small horses, Kiss and Tula.  This one is Kiss - she has all black feet whereas Tula, the dominant more greedy one has a mixture of white and brown.

Andrew with Kiss.

Andrew doing Tula's hooves.  This is a task that needs to be done every second day or so to get all the mud and debris out with a sharp special instrument.  The horses are very good about lifting their feet for him.
Another one of our charges, Bruiser the Maltese/Poodle cross.  He is a lovely little fellow.

And last but not least are the two small parrots Sammi and Laurie.  Laurie is more clearly in view.  They are sweet but they do peck us, especially Sammi.  Their wings are clipped but they can do a small amount of flying.  We let them out of their cage each evening when we watch TV and they explore and often land on the floor but can't get up again.  That is when they peck - when we put them back up to their cage.

We are here for two months and we will continue putting photos up covering our activities.  Including shovelling horse poo - another task that needs to be done every second day or so.  These small horses are eating and pooing machines. 

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