Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green Point sit continued

Charlie the coctatiel at Green Point.

Charlie likes his head scratched. He is a very responsive bird.

More head scratching
A last view of Lake Wallace.
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  1. Hi Andrew, Nikki. I've just read your article in the Wanderer and, as we are about to start our (hopefully) round Oz trip next March I was pleased to see an alternative to Facebook which I have just joined but can't stand the garbage that's posted. I've spent the last hour going through your current photos including your house sitting which we have also thought about. Your setup for photos and comments looks great and so does your book. When I have time I will peruse your trip and no doubt it will be of great assistance to us. We live on the Central Coast NSW and, frankly, we can't even decided which way we're going when we turn out of the gate. You have obviously overcome a lot of difficulties such as mail, I.P., detail gathering for your photos to name a few and your setup is interesting and informative. I will follow your Central Oz trip with much enthusiasm. Thanks. Vic & Liz