Monday, April 20, 2009

Lamington National Park

These photos capture the interesting flora at the Lamington National Park. One is the vines around the big rock and the other is a giant beech tree. We are staying at the Green Mountains section of the park at the camp ground and we are getting wonderful reception on our wireless broadband, including a few conversations on Skype with people. But no reception on our mobiles via Optus or Vodafone . Telstra shows its muscles once again :-). We have had wonderful radio reception on ABC FM wherever we went so far. Thank you ABC.

We now have to put in a few words of praise for the Qld National Parks and Wildlife Service. The charge for staying at this campsite is $4.85 per person per night and for that we get free hot showers and drinking water. In NSW we paid $10 per person per night (occasionally $7) and for that we had no drinking water or showers. A few campsites had cold showers and gas barbecues. There was additional entry for the vehicle but as we obtained an annual national parks pass we did not have to pay that. There is no additional fee for a vehicle in Qld.

We did a 8km walk yesterday and a 10 km one today and it started raining half way through the walk today. It was wonderful to get back to Priscilla and a hot cup of tea after the drenching and the exercise. Now I am indulging in a little e-mail therapy and updating this blog. Waterfalls and rainforests are the features of the park. In fine weather the walks are nice.
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