Thursday, July 23, 2009

Litchfield National Park

Lovely Lichfield Park right on Darwin’s doorstep 120kms, is a miniature Kakadu wonderland. We spent 3 days there and explored all waterfalls bar one. Viewers of the blog may tolerate two more shots of waterfalls we visited.
The above photo shows Wangi Falls which are lovely but always always full of tourists. Because of its easy accessibility, unlike other waterfalls, I was told that the total number of tourists visiting Wangi Falls annaully are equal to the total annual visitors to Kakadu as a whole.

The Lost City. This impressive site is known as that and reminiscent of the ruins of an ancient civilisation. But no, it is a formation of sandstone blocks and majestic pillars formed and weathered by the elemtns not humans.

Andrew insisted on driving into Surprise Creek which is on 20 kms of 4WD dirt road. Photo shows the two lovely waterholes below the waterfalls.

There were numerous water crossings with the deepest one 700millimetres – photo shows. I just can't resist taking a photo of these crossings. We had separated Max and Priscilla especially for this occasion.
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