Monday, September 28, 2009

Kennedy Ranges

We visited the Kennedy Ranges only as a fill in - our attempt to prolong summer and keeping north in WA and escape the chills of winter further south.

I have to say that this part of WA, isolated and rugged, is not my favourite part of this beautiful and impressive state. It is a long way to drive, unless travelling from somewhere else on the way, but the eroded plateau that is the Kennedy Ranges where the eroded parts of the plateau form spectacular cliffs, does offer some impressive views of the ruggedness of this arid part of WA. The range experiences a desert climate and much of the national park is waterless.

However, the above shot is a typical Kennedy Ranges view (the little dots at the bottom are us at the camp) and it is beautiful in its stark majesty.

It was a great surprise to run into Val Holbrook and Gordon at this fairly isolated bush camp at Temple Gorge. We had their WA itinerary and it did not look as if it would be possible for us to meet up as they were slightly behind us time wise. They had some problems with their car and hence the tour, of which they were a part, did not work out smoothly, so they veered from the original itinerary and we also decided at the last minute to come and visit the Kennedy Ranges.

So, I woke from an impromptu afternoon doze in my chair to find Andrew chatting to Gordon. It was hilarious when Val (my sometime Canberra bridge partner) and I sighted each other across the dusty campground in the Kennedy Ranges of WA. We had a pleasant dinner together and decided to meet up again in Carnarvon and travel together for a few days. The photo is in front of their camper with our Priscilla and Max in the background.
Another view of the range.

This is Honeycomb Gorge and it is a rather fascinating shot of the wall of the gorge.
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