Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Launceston Festivale at City Park Feb 12 - 14

Human statues at the Festivale. You put money in their hat and they move according to the amount.

Launceston’s annual Festivale held at the City Park went off with great success in 2010. It is a 3 day celebration of Tasmanian food and wine and you can sample the best this small but productive state has to offer by way of taste as well as enjoying musical, dance and theatrical performances and street performers. There were cooking demonstrations by well known Tasmanian chefs as well.

The food is wonderful and ranges from $7 a plate to over $25. We had rosti potato cakes with smoked salmon topping, tempura mushrooms, Cajun calamari and marvellous hot berry pancakes with hot chocolate sauce drizzled over it. These are only a minute sample from a large range of quality food stalls.

All the wineries of the Tamar valley were in attendance and you could taste the wines, purchase a glass of wine for $6 or a bottle for much more. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the two Tasmanian wines to zero in on, and I did.

The 2008 Delamere Chardonnay is to die for and the 2009 vintage is also excellent. Young Shane is the newish owner of the winery and he should go far. His wines are excellent and he is personable, chatty and helpful. Go Shane!

And would you believe, we ran into Kerry and Peter Butcher from the Canberra Bridge Club who had just that morning arrived at their hotel and came to sample the Festivale.

The photos are of street performers rather than of food. This is Betty Brawn fromthe UK lifting two strapping lads.
The Liqueur Flambe who did acrobatic violin playing while standing on each others' shoulders.

Samora Squid the contortionist who was able to dislocate his shoulders in order to squeeze through a tennis racquet

Unfrotunately, I did not have my camera on the Saturday evening when the Pole Revolution was performing. This was THE best of the Festivale. Some athletic girls (5) with marvellous figures did acrobatics on a single pole. I wonder if that is where Pole dancing originated or the other way around. They were so good, I wondered why they did not have it as an Olympic event.

A wonderful weekend.
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