Friday, June 3, 2011

You too can have a blook

What is a blook you ask?  A blook, according to Wikipedia is a book of a blog.  The book shown above is our treasured book of our year of travel around Australia.

The book is completely computer produced from our blog, with contents page and the photos we took and the text we wrote.

We treasure it and we plan to order one shortly of our current trip which will be titled Andrew and Nikki go inland.

And for your overseas travel here is another wonderful photo album you can make.  This method allows you a little more artistic freedom than the blog.

The photos are all your own and you use the software provided by one of the suppliers.  We use albumworks but there is also Blurb and Harvey Norman also does them.  The self created photo albums are also wonderful momentoes of travel.  Just do a Google search on albumworks, blurb, harveynorman.

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