Saturday, April 1, 2017

Setting off in Winnie our new motor home

We have missed the grey nomad lifestyle and we went out to look for a new (to us) motor home. Here is Winnie, our 7m Winnibago.  She is very similar in setup to the lovely motor home in which we travelled around the US, Canada and Baja, Mexico in 2013/14.

We are setting off on 26 April 2017 and heading north.  Maxi, our little Jack Russell x is coming with us and we will be searching for dog friendly spots to stop at.  Alas, no national parks for us this trip - the price we pay for having our canine fellow traveller.  At the beginning of June, we hope to meet up with friends somewhere in Queensland.  They are travelling in their own van and also have a little dog.  We will then travel together until end of August.

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