Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Arrived in the NT and clocked up 10,000 kms

We crossed into the NT and booked into the Barkly Homestead for a comfortable stay with hot water and showers.  The lovely swimming pool was an additional surprise and very welcome.

Showing a relaxed Andrew in the shade of a tree at the homestead.  The caravan  park sure filled up by the end of the day.  We found the Barkly Highway a very busy highway with RVs moving in both directions at a rapid rate.

Poster at Tennant Creek.  Did not spend a lot of time here but found the IGA a terrific store with good produce at very reasonable prices which was a great surprise as prices have been quite high in the outback.

We next came to the Devil's Marbles (Karlu Karlu) on the road to Alice Springs.  As I am a great rock lover, here follow many photos of these magnificent boulders.

Even though most boulders appear solid, many are fractured by the very fine secondary cracks called joins.  Rainwater penetrates into these boulders along the cracks.  It reacts with some of the minerals in the rock and they decompose to clay.  This process, called weathering, may weaken a boulder along a non-vertical crack. The weight of the two halves of the boulder then causes them to fall apart.

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