Tuesday, July 10, 2018

On our way back to the Sunshine Coast

On this trip, due to a house sitting commitment in Caloundra, we only went as far north as Hervey Bay and then we turned around to get back to the Sunshine Coast.  We stopped off at one of the rest stops with which we are familiar, at the small town of Tiaro on the banks of the Mary River.  It was a lovely sunny day and we sat along the river bank all afternoon and read our books.  In the evening we shared a camp fire with caraveners from Port Macquarie.

To add a small dose of excitement, Andrew crawled out along a big tree trunk that had fallen into the river.  He did not want to fall in as there was a sign that a crocodile had once been sighted in the river.

Here he is crawling back to the shore.  He is getting older and less steady on his feet than he once was.  It was safer to crawl than to risk being temptation for a stray crocodile.  One would think this was too far south for a croc but with floods, some do end up further south than one would think.

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