Monday, May 4, 2009

Fraser Island continued

Could not resist one more lake blurb and a couple of photos. Lake Allom was another lake we visited - see photo 1. This is not a swimming lake but you can see how lovely it is from the photo. And another attraction is the many many tiny turtles which sadly do not show up too well on the photo 2. Do click on Photo 2 and enlarge it and you will see these lovely little creatures more clearly swimming amongst the reflections.

Speaking of wildlife, we have seen all of three dingoes on the island. They are not at all scared and seem interested in people (food?). I took a cup of tea out to my hammock and put the empty cup on the ground. I was shocked to feel some movement and when I peered out there was this dingo licking my cup clean. No photos available, sorry.

Photo 3 shows the three champagne pools which are at the northern end of the eastern beach side of Fraser Island. On the occasion of our visit they were disappointing as normally they are much fuller with water. But the sands are getting higher and also at high tide they would presumably be fuller. However, one needs to work out the tide times before travelling along the beach towards either points of the island because some parts of the beach are not able to be crossed unless at low tide. Indian Head is one such point and we had left Priscilla at the campground further back on the beach so we needed to observe the tide times or we would have been stranded from our lovely girl.
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