Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free camping areas in Queensland

I have waxed eloquent at the hospitality of Queensland municipal councils and their camping friendliness for which we are very grateful. This lovely fresh water creek swimming pool is at Bushy Creek free camping about 45 kms north of Townsville. The creek being fresh water is crocodile free.

This is a photo of the camping area. Most campers have left for the day moving on to other pastures. The area has clean toilets, free gas barbecues and an outside cold shower as well as drinking water taps. We had our first campfire of our own on this trip as some people had left some spare logs. It is against the law to collect firewood so people need to bring their own but we are restricted in space. We had joined others sitting around a fire upon invitation on previous evenings but this was our very own campfire with potatoes and onions in foil cooked in the ashes.

There are numerous other free camping nearby north of Townsville including Saunders Beach, Bushland Beach, Balgal Beach and Toomulla. We spent one night at Balgal Beach but found the midges too bothersome. But it is a nice free camping area too. We did not visit Toomulla but somone rated it as the best fo the beach camps - next time.

Having moved on from Bushy Camp we went to Paluma and to visit Crystal Creek climbing some 1,000 metres. Little Crystal Creek is the southern gateway into the wet tropics of the Queensland World Heritage Area in the Paluma National Park. We took a walk in a rainforest and we visited one of the lookouts but unfortunately the mist prevented much viewing of scenery. We have descended and are currently free camping at a spot we were told about, near Mutarnee on the banks of the Crystal Creek. We are the only creatures here and there are no facilities of any sort.
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