Saturday, June 27, 2009

Natural wonders of this wonderful land of OZ

A photo of the Innot hot springs au naturel.

A photo of the more formal hot pools at the wonderful Innot Hot Springs Leisure and Health (Caravan) Park. There are 6 pools of varying degrees of heat. The caravan park is very reasonably priced with friendly welcoming owners and great atmosphere. Entry includes being able to spend as much time in the pools as one desires. A great way of unwinding after viewing the many waterfalls of the equally wonderful Atherton Table lands. The caravan park is located next to the creek in the first photo.

This photo shows one of the lava tubes at the Undara Lava Tubes. Undara means a long way in Aboriginal language. Until a few months ago, when another long lava tube was discovered in Korea, Australia had the distinction of having the longest lava flow from a single colcanic crater. One of the lava flwos under Undara extends more than 160kms.

One has to be part of a tour group to view the lava tubes but one can walk around the crater of Kalkani by oneself.

A videw of a section of the wall. The colours are caused by calcium deposits plus the effct of some ores possible megnesium sulphate (?).
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