Saturday, November 14, 2009

Continuing along the south-west of WA

The ruggedness of northern WA have given way to the lush green countryside of the south-west of this marvellous state. This is a lavendar and berry farm with a cafe near the town of Pemberton where we had lovely scones and coffee.

Nikki trudging up to the summit of Mt Frankland near Walpole.

The view from the summit. Mt Frankland is a series of very bare rocks like the one in view. Walpole is the one part of WA where forest meets the ocean.

Swarbrick near Walpole is a strange mixture of native forest and artworks contained in a 500 metre loop walk which is intended to make the participant appreciate the introspective contemplation of the wilderness. Not sure it really works but it is a nice try. Andrew is busy reading every single word on the 39 metre long "Wilderness Wall of Perceptions".
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