Saturday, November 28, 2009

Point Ann and Point Charles Bays WA

These two bays and their beaches in the Fitzgerald National Park have the whitest sand of any beach I have ever seen. There is supposed to be a beach on the NSW coast that boasts of being “the whitest beach in Australia”. Rubbish. After Pt Ann, one can be in no doubt where this phenomenon occurs.

The south-west coast of WA is famed for its surfing beaches and pristine sand and blue waters and one is not disappointed. Bathing here is sublime.

Look at this expanse of sand.
and the azure water.

But what no tourist brochure tells you about is the FLIES. These are dreadful and the worst I have ever experienced. Andrew told me that the flies would get worse as we headed south but I did not believe him. They have been pretty bad in patches but here at Fitzgerald NP they are as bad as anywhere. My cork hat is in its element here as is the hat with the mosquito netting. The best thing to do is to pick up any branch with a bit of foliage on it and constantly fan yourself as you walk or sit outside, doing anything. They fly into any available orifice and can drive you insane.
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