Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bruny Island Tasmania

We took the ferry from Kettering to Bruny Island ($35 with Max and Priscilla – return) and we spent 5 days camping on South Bruny Island. Wonderful place with great scenery.

We camped at both the Neck campgrounds and at Cloudy Bay. The above photo shows the Neck, a narrow strip of land, connecting North and South Bruny Islands. The Tasman Sea on one side and the D'Entrecasteaux Channel on the other.

At Cloudy Bay you have to drive on the beach to reach the campground.

At the Neck, there is a fairy penguin rookery, where one can see the penguins coming in from the sea after a full day of hunting, as darkness begins, to feed their babies waiting in burrows on the shore. The baby penguins squawk loudly and hungrily as they wait for their parents. Unfortunately this sight is not conducive to photography as it takes place in darkness with torchlight.

We did a jetboat tour around the top of South Bruny which was $100 per person lasting 3 hours. It was well worth it and we enjoyed it very much. We saw wonderful scenery and plenty of wildlife including NZ fur seal colonies, both baby seals as well as chilling out males at a separate colony, kormorands (commonly known as shags) as well as dolphins swimming around and under our boat.

The photo above is of The Monument, two stacks of dollarite. The boat sped between the two pillars and it was fun.

We climbed Fluted Cape (272m) which provided magnificent views of the same cliffs we saw on the cruise from the top down plus some great views over the horizon. Photo above shows the cliffs.
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