Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hobart Tasmania

Tasmania is just lovely. Very much like New Zealand with Hobart closely resembling Wellington, with its situation, weather and water views. This is a view of Hobart from Mount Wellington soaring high above the city.

The buildings are somewhat different, the Hobart ones being generally brick buildings to Wellington’s mainly wooden houses. This is one lovely old Hobart building that I captured.

We went to the Salamanca markets held on Saturday, which are enjoyable, albeit very touristy and the prices being commensurately high. We also went on Sunday to the trash and treasure markets at the Hobart Showgrounds, where our camping spot actually was, and we enjoyed those markets very much. I was able to indulge my opportunity shopping cravings to my heart’s content.

We were given to understand that there is a similar Sunday market at Sorrell but as we were booked to do the Cascades Brewery tour we did not have time to go there. The Sorrell Sunday markets are supposed to be very good.

The Cascades Brewery occupies a beautiful old building in Hobart with 3 acres of gardens which are very nicely laid out. While we were on the tour a wedding was being held in the gardens.

The tour costs $20 per person and we think Cascades makes a very tidy profit from these. There were 16 in our group and they run about 4 tours each day and they seem to be fully subscribed. The tour included a sampling of the Cascades produce, beer as well as cider.
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