Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boulder WA

Boulder is Kalgoorlie's sister city, a bit like Albury Wodonga. This is the Boulder Town Hall, one of the historic buildings in the town.

This is the Philip Goatcher curtain that was commissioned in 1908 when the town hall was built. Goatcher was a wold famous scene painter with his works resting in London, Paris, New York and other cities overseas. The Bay of Naples curtain at the Boulder Town Hall is shown to the public on certain days of the week. It is thought that the scene was chosen to honour the many Italian migrants working in the goalfields in Kalgoorlie and Boulder. It is painted as a drop-canvas to complement and close the picture fram stage at the town hall.

This is another old hotel the Court Hotel in Boulder that has been charmingly restored and maintained.

We visited the home basis of the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Boulder. This is a map of Great Britain superimposed on a map of Australia that illustrates the difference in size of the two countries.
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