Sunday, December 6, 2009

Frenchman's Peak in Le Grand National Park

We climbed the 262 metre high Frenchman's Peak in Le Grand National Park east of Esperance. More on the national park further on because it is one of the highlights of our trip as far as I am concerned.

The peak is an eroded landmark so named because the summit uncannily resembles a Frenchman's beret. The summit offers great views over the national park.

The caved arch at the summit provides a peek through an archlike window on the surrounding scenery. Here is the view from the arch. Like a peephole.

The view of the cave from the ground.

The surface is made of granite and there is littel shrubbery on the way up to the summit. It is a 3kms return and it was quite a hard climb for me. Andrew of course took it in his stride.

A preview of the wonderful coastline within Le Grand NP. Majestic sheer granite cliffs reaching into the wonderful blue waters.
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