Monday, December 7, 2009

Kalgoorlie WA

We are in Kalgoorlie which is a town I have never been to and Andrew suggested I would like to see it. He was right. It is a very pleasant, prosperous town with many historic buildings. We will be playing bridge here tomorrow before leaving for the Nullarbor.

The building above is the former city market building, now a shopping complex. The buildings are well maintained and restored

This is the former York Hotel. I thought it was worth capturing it on camera.

We did a tour of one of the oldest working brothels in Australia. The Visitors Centre can book it or you can turn up yourself. We got a seniors discount.

It used to be called the Pink Brothel but has changed its name to Questa Casa. There we 12 people on the tour including a 96 year old woman. She was obviously looking for ideas.

The madam was a well spoken attractive woman who bought the establishment 19 years ago upon being widowed. She explained many things about brothels in the goalfields. It was a very interesting and educational tour. It was quite a delight to be able to discuss matters of sex in a frank and open way.

One of the rooms in the brothel.
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