Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Catching up with friends in Mackay

Noel and Pamela Bugeia have moved up to Mackay from Canberra to be near Noel's mum.  We played bridge at the Mackay Bridge Club and then visited their new apartment on the river, enjoying the 28 degree temperature as we were doing it and remembering our other friends in Canberra.

On the balcony.

The view at night from the apartment.

This is a rather out of sequence photo but it is of a young Frenchman juggling devil sticks.  A contingent of six backpacker campers arrived at the Boulder Creek rest stop for the night.  We chatted to them as well as to the young Dutch travellers in their hired Apollo van.  It was a cosy stay with about 20 campers in a small area with a flushing and clean toilet.  It amazes me how in Qld we see these wonderfully well kept rest areas.  Thanks Qld, we travellers are grateful and we love you.  I wish other states were as welcoming.

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