Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Maryborough revisited

Maryborough is a historically rich Queensland town established on the wide Mary River.  It was an important town in the 1800s.  Ship building was an important industry among others.  Many immigrants arrived here as the port was often the first processing centre for new arrivals in the country.

Buildings have been well preserved and looked after.  There is a daily guided tour showing tourists important buildings in the town centre.

The School of Arts.

An art deco building.

The court house.

Mural of Mary McKillop, a native of Maryborough.

Another native was Helen Lyndon Goff who under the pen name of P.L.Travers created Mary Poppins.

A mural at the old dairy.

The Mary River.

Our indulgence - an all you can eat buffet for $10 which was wonderful value, at the Aussie Hotel.

After leaving Maryborough we drove out to Hervey Bay where Maxi frolicked on the beach.

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