Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Finch Hatton Gorge and Eungella NP

A revisit once again.  We were last here some 9 years ago on our around Oz trip.  Finch Hatton Gorge was as lovely as we had remembered.

Araluen Cascades where we swam last time even though it was only mid May.  Here we are in late May and no desire to get into that freezing fresh water this time.

We drove into Eungella NP and once again had coffee at the chalet there where the hang gliders sail off from.

And now for the native wildlife.  Eungella murky waters are the one place in Australia where one can rely on sighting a platypus or two.  We were lucky again to see a few diving and surfacing.

The turtles seem much more humdrum as you can see them in may places but they are still worth a photo or two.

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