Tuesday, May 2, 2017

On the banks of the Condamine

Andrew identified this as a well known Australian bush ballad.  We did camp on the banks of the Condamine River on our way to Toowoomba where we hope to play bridge.  We also want to get our TV cable fixed in the town which may overlap with the bridge - we will have to see.

Winnie by the side of a vast cotton field - the local crop grown around here.

These guys with their four wheel drive were able to get right down along the river bank which we could not do in our more urbane vehicle.

But we were able to indulge our love of a jaffle for breakfast cooked over an open fire.

                            The result.


  1. In fact you could be in the middle of the Sahara with not an interesting flower, insect, spider, frog, reptile or mammal to be seen, but with a handy portable waffle iron instant gratification is never more than a minute away. Tell Brian that he needs 1) to become a FOLLOWER and 2) click on the blue "comments" or as it first appears "no comments".

  2. Interestingly, now that I have been the first to comment, the BLUE no comments has turned into an ORANGE 1 comment. Whatever the colour, that is what you click on.