Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A few things of interest

This is the largest termite mound we have yet seen anywhere. They had some big ones around Litchfield Park near the Lost City but none as large as this.
With Andrew standing beside it.

We arrived at a free camp spot just north of Winton. We were the only ones there but at about 5:00pm a convoy of 4WDs arrived on their way to the Kimberleys and we had a nice old chat.

At another free camping site the book exchange bus came to call.

A couple of campers on their way to a folk festival gave a little concert to the camping public at the site.
A bird of prey with its road kill. Brochures warn travellers not to drive too fast around these on the road as they can get run over as their take off speed is not fast trying to carry their kill. We waited for this one but as I tried to get closer for a better photo it took off taking its treasure with it.
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