Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lake Dunn, Qld

Lake Dunn is quite a long way from anywhere, being 160 kms from Longrach and few, apart from local Queenslanders, seem to know about it. It is not listed as a campsite in any of the official camping books. We only came here following a personal recommendation by the lady owner of the Longreach Gallery/coffee shop who showed us some lovely photographs of the lake that she and her husband had taken and recommended it as a lovely spot. The gallery is full of their beautiful photography on sale. I succumbed, yet again, as I like having reminders of our trips. The fact that I am running out of wall space does not deter me.

How right she was. It is a lovely lovely place and we had 3 wonderful days here. The camping is right on the foreshore of this freshwater lake with a small jetty. It costs $5 a night with power and $2 without power. And there are hot showers. We are parked not 3ft from the lake with the gentle waves just about lapping at the steps. We have never camped nearer to water or received better value for money + the beauty. There are also a few cabins on stilts as well as people’s caravans, also on stilts, awaiting their owners’ whim to come to this lovely spot and spend a few days.

It is on private pastoral property and the lake has been declared a wildlife sanctuary with plenty of water birds. The fishing is also good here. We have decided to stay at least a couple of days, having come so far and the ambience being so welcoming.

The road from Ilfracomb was a dirt road but from Armarac the road was paved much to our surprise. We plan to take the dirt road to Jericho from here and also camp at Jericho which people have described as even lovelier than here.

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