Saturday, May 7, 2011

Longreach, Qld

Longreach in Queensland is still officially considered the outback and the above photo is of the Australian Stockman's Hall Of Fame established in Longreach to honour the men and women of outback Australia.

In my view it is no longer the outback as I only paid the customary $2.60 for the Weekend Australian whereas in the "real outback" I was charged $4.60.

A hawker's caravan taking merchandise to the outback. The hawkers were mostly Afghan traders and their appearance was much valued by the men and women on isolated farms in the outback.

A sort of rodeo show at the Hall of Fame. This guy was a singing cowboy with many skills. It was a really good show.

Among other things our cowboy saddled up this team of 8 bullocks, while recounting a long poem by C.J.Dennis.

The purpose was to show how the bullocks pulled and were used to put heavy timber logs on to a cart as they did in the old days.  Camels were also used for such heavy work in the outback.

The timber railway station in Longreach.

The Qantas Museum is also in Longreach. Qantas was actually set up in Winton and then relocated to Longreach is 1924 by Hudson Fysh and James McInnes two former World War I pilots. Qantas was the only airline in the world that both built and flew its own aircrafts.

A warning placard displayed in the viewing thatre where a film narrated by the then knighted Hudson Fysh was shown. There was initially no sound and we had to get technical assistance to attend to the problem.  We had at first suspected that there was censorship being imposed in case the audience was offended by Sir Hudson Fysh referring to Aborigines as gins. No, it was just a technical hitch and we saw the film in its entirety. Another very interesting museum.
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