Monday, May 30, 2011

Queensland waterfalls

The Queen Mary Falls plunge 40 metres to continue the Spring Creek’s journey in the valley floor and joining the Condamine River’s upper reaches.  

On a hot summer’s day, the feel of the waterfall’s cool spray is said to be delightful.  On the day of our visit it was merely slightly damp.

How about this for a lookout over the Queen Mary falls?  One would not like to fall!!!!!!!!!

Tooloom Falls are only 8 metres high but they are wide and drop into a broad deep pool.  The falls provide a splendid start for the Clarence River near Urbenville.  We camped right next to them and the sound of the water was much much louder than the sea.  It was a pounding noise all through the night.

Below is Dagg Falls.  Small but picturesque.

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