Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Longreach Hospital - thank you

We have a lot to be grateful for the hospital. Andrew complained of soreness around his armpit and we looked at a couple of spots like bites. The spots had multiplied by the next morning and were looking more red and angry. Dr Mum diagnosed shingles and I had heard if treated promptly there is some medication available. Otherwise it is a long and painful condition. So, the second day of the spots appearing being a Sunday we trotted off to the Longreach hospital very early in the morning. A locum from Melbourne agreed with the diagnosis and as the symptoms had been within 72 hours of the spots appearing, prescribed some quite expensive anti-viral medication. Andrew is now taking them and the spots are not spreading and he is in no pain so the treatment seems to be effective.

We are very lucky, as I was not sure how he could continue driving with the possible pain of shingles. Our trip can now continue.
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