Saturday, July 22, 2017

Corella Dam

This is another magic spot to free camp - along with some 200 other vehicles, caravans and motor homes.  Along the lakefront there are ongoing and never ending little peninsulas where people can camp and hide away so in parts it does not seem so very crowded.

Some of these photos were taken by Andrew as he did the approximately 15 kms walk around the whole dam.  It took him just over 5 hours.

We spent three lovely days here but some people stay for weeks on end.  It is a very relaxing environment and people are very friendly.  Campers chat to each other and recommend places to stay all over the country.  Happy hours abound and stories exchanged.

There are birds aplenty.

As well as plenty of cows.  They come and graze right alongside the campers.

And some people build enormous fireplaces - like the one below.  Camp fires are a serious business and we are getting keener and keener as we try new and exciting things in Denny and Rob's camp oven.  We have made roast pork, roast chicken, bread and butter pudding and damper.  I did cook Carbonnade de Flamande - Flemish stew, consisting of beef in Guinness, but due to inexperience, it was slightly charred.  Edible but not my best effort.  My forte is the pressure cooker in which I can produce a small pot-roasted leg of lamb in 30 minutes.

Gathering firewood suitable for burning in a camp fireplace occurs on our way somewhere where we anticipate that a fire will be OK.  We stop on the roadside and gather wood.  People with chainsaws are able to bring large logs.  We are more limited in that regard.  But we manage lovely fires nevertheless.

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