Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tranquil wetlands oasis at Lara Station

We did not intend to come here, as the 12 kms dirt road did not seem enticing with our motor homes. But we got talking to a couple at the Barcaldine Bakery (another contender for the best meat pie, or here the meat pastie) who had just spent a few days at Lara wetlands camping grounds and they praised it very highly, so we came.  We are truly glad we did.

Tranquility is the key here.  The peaceful water setting attracts birds of all sorts and at night the stars are mirrored in the water's reflection with the campfires on the fringes around the lake.  The water is only knee-deep, too shallow for swimming but suitable for kayaking.

There is however, a separate and very lovely hot pool for bathing where in a natural setting the hot water coming out of the ground is guided through an attractive big log and straight into the lovely pool.  There is no restriction on the hours in the pool and one can slip into the 38 degree hot water at any time, night or day.  This is a thermal region and the natural hot water is also at Blackall, the next town we will be heading to after this.

We had an incredibly enjoyable three days at Lara.  The campground is at the station which is a large cattle station.  When you sit around this small lake at night, you see the warm glow of campfires all around you.  During the day you can bird watch.  And dip into the hot pool, endlessly as we did.  I have never seem Andrew getting wet so often.  We all enjoyed ourselves and thought it was one of the best places to stay.  $20 per vehicle per day with no electricity available.  Some of the equipment is a bit run down or not working, but the atmosphere made up for it all.  A magic three days all around.

Andrew went and collected firewood.

Once again, a lovely sunset.

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