Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hughenden and surrounds

We stayed here at the town free camp area for two days as there were many things to do.  A trip out to Porcupine Gorge National Park was a great plan.  66 kms from the town.  We also wanted to see the sunset at Mt Walker 10 kms away.  Nikki drove the motor home a short distance from inside the NP to the outside so the women and dogs could wait for the menfolk to descend to the gorge.

The drop from the lookout down to the gorge floor is 120 m.

Looking at the gorge facing the other way.

The pyramid at one end of the gorge.

These shots show Andrew and Rob down on the floor of the gorge having a refreshing swim in the waterhole down there.

Little waterholes in the rock.

Sunrise at the rest area in Hughenden.  It is actually more beautiful than the sunset at Mt Walker and we did not have to drive anywhere.

Black and white tree intertwined.

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