Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Exploring Australia's pre-historic (as well as historic) past

12 kms south of Winton is the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Centre.  A daunting 3 1/2 hour tour is in store for the interested visitor.  As we had done a shorter and very good similar tour in Utah a few years back, Nikki did not take part but spent the time dog-sitting and reading.  For Andrew, the continuation of the subject matter in Australian terms, plus plenty of scope for walking, proved irresistible.

The dinosaur gallery, the beginning of the recreation of the environment.

After the tour, we camped at the Long Waterhole, the rest area 2kms out of Winton which was, while dry and reasonably dusty, nevertheless very lovely by the water.  People who are not into camping and travelling in outback Australia perhaps do not appreciate how lovely these little oases are.

One of the incredible tree roots in minimal soil.

We then visited two sites which are iconic aspects of Australia's past, long ago and also more recently.  After Winton, on our way to Cloncurry we visited the Combo waterhole, where Banjo Patterson allegedly penned the words of Waltzing Matilda by the banks of the creek there.

Then at McKinlay, we dropped in for a beer at the Walkabout Creek Hotel where the film Crocodile Dundee was shot.  The pub is full of memorabilia from that experience.

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