Saturday, July 1, 2017

Corella Creek Country Stay N Store

When we first arrived at this farm stay, we were quite disappointed.  It looked dry and sandy.  But we soon changed our minds as we settled into life there.  It is a thriving little community with many, many animals.  We ended up being very impressed and thoroughly recommend this place.

These shots show Maxi meeting a baby goat for the first time.  The kid was fearless and the two dogs accepted him quite easily.  The proper name is Corella Creek Farm Stay near Nelia.  They have a plethora of animals running around, as well as back-packer Woofers.  There are chooks, turkeys, geese, goats, a cow, a dog - all happily mingling.

Choco the kid and Maxi started playing together happily.   Maxi's usual bad temper with other dogs was nowhere to be seen.

At night, we sat around the campfire and some of the animals joined us.  The two goats often hop on a chair.  

Millie the cow likes to also sit near the fire.  She doesn't sit in a chair, just lays down and has her back rubbed.  Choco jumps on her back and Millie just tolerates it.  Millie gets on well with the goats. They hang around together.

They have some bathing tubs lying in the paddock for the thermal water that comes up from the ground.  Joanna from Bundaberg had a lovely soak.

Her family decided to join her too.

And finally, the steak we had for dinner.  Georgie is a great cook.  Dinner was wonderful.  Look at Andrew's Angus steak.  Georgie also provides either a cup of coffee in the morning or a wonderful cup of soup in the evening.  The pea and ham was great and the minestrone was superb!

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