Friday, June 30, 2017

Continuing on in the arid northwestern Queensland

The road from Normanton to Julia Creek is long and lonely.  At one stretch of 240 kms, we had only 11 cars coming in the opposite direction.  Just as well, as Qld has the practice, to save money on laying bitumen, of having only a narrow stretch of asphalt, enough for one vehicle only and each vehicle coming towards each other has to get off into the dirt on their own side.  Not so good for flicking stones up at each other.

Here are our two vehicles side by side.

Our own version of the terracotta warriors.  These are termite mounds.  Not nearly as large as the ones in the Northern Territory but certainly numerous.

These photos were taken at the Julia Creek rest area which is one of the prettiest rest stops we have come across.  There are no facilities at all, not even a toilet and only self-contained vehicles are allowed to camp.  It is nevertheless, full of campers and the feeling is very social.

This is a cage one couple from Western Australia had for their cat called George with whom they were travelling.  When they stopped somewhere, George liked to sit in his cage which had a cat-flap into it on the side of their caravan, especially at night.

This is the well-laden bicycle one young man from Adelaide was riding.  He carried his little tent and all his food in the pannier bags.

The Julia Creek dunnart feeding.  It is a tiny marsupial, the size of a rat or a big mouse.  Very cute. The Vistors Centre charges $2.50 to show them being fed.

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