Monday, June 26, 2017

Dinner at Leichhardt Lagoon

This is at the homestead that owns the Leichhardt Lagoon camping area, 20 kms east of Normanton, where on Saturday night there is a three course dinner offered for $6.50 at the homestead - the money goes to a charity, in this case the organisation stocking the waterholes with barramundi fingerlings.

Red claw - one of the delicacies caught around here.

This is Wayne, the best fisherman at the Lagoon.  He comes her for 6 months each year to fish.  In a previous life he was a bus driver in Canberra and has moved to Eden to live, when he is not in Qld.

Two photos of the gorgeous sunset at the Lagoon.

This is a photo of a couple from Gladstone, Trevor and Ida, who twice camped next two us at different rest areas.  Upon a short conversation with Trevor we found out that he went to Orange High School, two years behind Andrew.  It is a small world.  First a former fellow Canberran and then an old boy from the same school in Orange.

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