Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wandering around the Atherton Tablelands

We are making our way, slowly, around the various delightful towns here.  At Tolga, we visited the marvelous Tolga Woodworks.

This lovely piece looks different from every angle.  It is made up of all the natural woods of Queensland.  The shop is a marvel of design and craftsmanship.

We next visited Mount Hypipamee National Park.  First, the Dinner Falls.

And then on to the crater which is very difficult to capture in one shot.

It is a 73m deep crater lake.  From the viewing platform high above the lake to the bottom of the lake is around 130 m which is the same as 10 buses end-to-end.  It is a long way down.

At the small town of Herberton, we did a very interesting tour of a camera museum, the Spy Camera Tour.  The collection was started by a former Australian spy who served in Korea.  The current owner is passionate about the collection.  He makes his living as a commercial photographer and the collection is his hobby which his profession finances.  He showed us the world's smallest camera as well as a number of cameras used by the military for spying purposes.

This is the buttonhole camera used by the KGB.

The mural showing the history of Herberton.

Yungaburra is another historic and welcoming town.  We did a 2 km walk around the river where platypus are regularly sighted.  We did see one but it was too quick to photograph.

Denny walking on the swing bridge across the river.

And this tranquil little pool in the middle of our walk used to be where the schoolteacher taught kids to swim.

Last is the beautifully situated cafe restaurant on Lake Barrine.  The wrap-around terrace provides views over the lake.

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