Monday, June 19, 2017

More wonders at the Atherton Tablelands

On this visit we are spending more time here, although on our last visit we covered the waterfall circuit a little more thoroughly.  We are seeing many waterfalls but we are also seeing some other wonderful sights.

Here is a lovely view of a typical Tablelands view, reflecting the weather which overall has been pretty ghastly.  Overcast and cold.  You can see the mist hanging over the valleys.

One of the places we visited was the Nerada Tea Plantation which was not terribly exciting but what was very exciting is that we sighted one of the Lumholtz's tree kangaroos high up in the trees.  Both Andrew and I took a shot at it and here it is.

It was very exciting as these are pretty rare to see in the wild with their very long tails and little black faces.

The artificial cow which is a must at every one of the dairies.  This one at Mungalli Creek Dairy Farm which is one of the few places that produces quark, a form of cottage cheese that is more acidic and smooth.  Referred to as turo in Hungary.

Of course the waterfalls are a speciality of the Tablelands.  Here are the three we saw today.  The Millaa Millaa Falls, the Zillie Falls and the Elinjaa Falls - all beautiful in their own way.

We are spending tonight and tomorrow night at the Heritage Steam Railway Camp, the Travellers Rest Area at Ravenshoe, together with many other campers.  The charge is $10 per vehicle and there are toilets and hot showers and a camp kitchen.  And the rest area is pretty central in the town.  As I commented previously, Qld towns are really RV friendly.  The photo is taken at the daily happy hour where the damper with apples was cooked in the camp oven on the fire.

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