Sunday, June 4, 2017

Activities in Far North Queenland

Whilst we are not able to go to Wallaman Falls in our current vehicle, we did re-visit the less spectacular Jourama Falls in the Paluma Range National Park which in Andrew's estimation cascade about 250m but not in one straight fall as does Wallaman Falls.  After the not inconsiderable climb to the lookout at the falls, we visited the rock pools on the way down, as we did last time we were here, and had a bathe in the icy cold water.

Andrew swimming in the rock pool.

Below is what I consider a very lovely shot of Winnie in the national park.

In Cardwell, we took advantage, for the first time, of the CMCA's organised system of member's stop over (MSO) which involves staying at willing people's backyard for a night.  Rob and Barb were very kind in hosting us and laying on a lovely fire which we enjoyed during a happy hour and then afterwards when we barbecued our kangaroo steaks - on our own barbecue I may add. The little old Weber comes in very handy.

Barb's 5 year old grand daughter River-Lea was entrusted with taking a photo of us four.  Below is their very lovely house in the spacious garden.

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