Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Granite Gorge Nature Park

We stayed at a brilliant place called Granite Gorge Nature Park which is a caravan park 14 kms SW of Mareeba.  The place if full of rock wallabies which are very tame and are all over the place, among the gorgeous, huge rocks in these lovely gorges.  There are also chickens, ducks, peacocks and horses in the park.  A great place for kids and there were more tourists with families here than elsewhere generally.

They sell you food to feed the wallabies.

And now for the natural beauty of the rock formations.  I have taken countless photos, some of which I include here.  Rocks are one of my favourite things that to photograph.

And last the tranquility of the weir.  There are small turtles in the water.  Altogether a delightful place - highly recommended for a visit.

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