Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Activities around Ravenshoe

Ravenshoe, at 920m, is the highest town in Queensland.  There are two of the loveliest waterfalls right on the doorstep here.  Little Millstream Falls and Millstream Falls.  The second is one of the widest waterfalls in Australia and it is pretty impressive.  Little Millstream on the other hand is a very attractive one with a long wide waterhole at the base.

Andrew had the impulse to go in even though the temperature was not so hot.

Here we are below at the big falls.

Millstream Falls at their splendour.

We celebrated Denny's birthday by going to dinner at the Ravenshoe Hotel, commonly known as the Top Pub.  It was quite a magical evening.  There was a roaring fire in the dining room, which with the bloody cold weather we have been suffering, was a great comfort.  The meal was excellent and reasonably priced, one of the best we have had on this trip. We were very impressed.  Made us want to stay until Sunday when the Ravenshoe Hotel has a regular smorgasbord lunch for $18.99.  We were told there were 100 people there last week.  We are not surprised.  It was fine dining in a small town.

Here we are in front of the fire in the cozy part of the dining room.

We four covered up the fireplace so here is one of Rob on his own, showing it.

This is the larger room next door with the sparkling stars on the ceiling.

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