Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Visit to Hartley's Crocodile Adventures

Denny and Rob have not been here so we popped in for a morning visit.  The place is so much more than a crocodile exhibition place, as the following photos attest.  Crocs are certainly the big attraction but there are various other animals on show.

So here is the one of the many crocs.  The place is actually a crocodile farm where crocs are bred for their skins mainly although the flesh is also harvested and sold to restaurants.  The guy giving a demonstration explained that every single part of a croc is used here - nothing is wasted.

This shows the crocs that are bred to be slaughtered in their pens.  Humanely we are assured.  Males and females are kept in separate pens.  The sex of a crocodile is dependent on the temperature during incubation.  Many more females are born than males due to this factor.  I think it would be tactless at this point if I showed the photo of the crocodile purse that I purchased.

A wombat.

and lying down.  Cute both ways.

Denny with the very tame wallaby.  You can pat them as she is doing.

Still hard to beat a koala for cuteness.

A cassowary.  Not cute but such a powerful looking bird.  Their feet are enormous and the thumb is sharp as a knife, it is their attacking weapon.

A lovely parrot.  Can't go past these for colour and beauty.

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