Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wanderings around

Just some shots of things and scenery that took our fancy.

A shot of our two vehicles outside the museum at Cooktown.  They are very similar, same size, a little different layout but basically similar and both Fiat Ducatos.  Ours on the right has four solar panels on top which charge the batteries used mainly by our capacious compressor fridge.  Andrew is forever studying the battery levels.  On days with no sunshine and little driving, we may have problems. It hasn't happened yet but he is always concerned.

This is the Little Annan River just past Cooktown on the way to Mt Molloy.  Just stopped by this lovely gorge.

My kookaburra shot at one of our rest stops.

And here are some shots of balloons that were floating in the sky above where we were overnight at Ringers Rest which was a farm stay type of place.

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