Thursday, May 24, 2018

A couple of Port Macquarie's beaches

We have been to Port Macquarie several times but we have never before explored the lovely beaches in the city.  They stretch along the eastern side of the town and are really attractive.

Flynn's Beach is the first one we stopped at to explore a little.  Nobby's Hill is in the background.

Nobby's Hill close up.  Andrew of course had to climb it.  Maxi is currently limping, due to an unidentified cause, so he went unaccompanied by dog or woman.

Greek Orthodox church or a lighthouse is the question on every ones' lips?

It is the 1879 built Tacking Point Lighthouse which has been painted many hues including yellow, according to a well-informed local.  In it's present colours, it reminded us of the many churches we saw in the Cyclades islands around Greece.

Another view with Winnie in the foreground.

Winnie in the car park looking towards the long stretch of Lighthouse Beach.

The same beach overlooking the town of Port Macquarie.

The rocks back on the other side of the lighthouse

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