Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Woolgoolga Swim School

Joan and son Luke own and run a swim school at Woolgoolga which is some 23 kms north of Coffs Harbour.  They offer swimming lessons and aqua aerobics classes. Luke is amazingly good with kids.  He used to be a teacher and it shows to advantage in the pool.

There are two pools, a lap pool and the pool where the classes are held which is a balmy 32 degrees.

The lap pool is 25m long.

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  1. Have enjoyed your blog and ,at times, quirky images. Haven't been along that road for many years! All settled here and getting used to the approaching winter.We seem to have been active since our arrival. Enjoyed lots of walks and other explorations.Also a few good movies. No significant mail. Will scan and email any docs requiring attention.Hoping you grow warmer by the day. Ciao A & P